Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not Looking Good . . . Yet. Makes me as Mad as Raccoon Scat in My Tomato Garden!

Close in around Lipan, the petroleum engineers and drillers have yet to develope the horizontal technique to successfully flow the gas in the outer and thinner layers of the Barnett Shale. From the scuttlebutt that has come my way regarding the 5 wells to the east of town (Ward, Ator [2], Williams and Thorman), none of the wells seem to have shown sufficient promise.

Surely some valuable info has been learned from the millions spent! And, that field knowledge will benefit the area in time.

Those looking for new mineral tax values to help finance the stalled Lipan ISD gymnasium albatros, they need to turn their focus to recruiting a larger (and state subsidised)enrollment. The marketing campaign might highlight the pretty girls and charming boys whose traditions in basketball, FFA, and rodeo are literally second to none! Oh well. I'm guilty again of digressing!